Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sorry it's been so long- Midterms attacked in full force. I thought that I would tell you about Halloween at BYU.

Halloween is a big deal here. I don't know what it's like at other Universities, but I have a feeling that we are (as in most things) over the top compared to most schools.

Group costumes are always fun here is a picture of my group this year. I was White Queen.

Other groups I saw:

a whole box of crayons
A whole mess of Harry Potter characters
Mario and his girlfirend or wife Princess Peach
Mexican guys
Adventure Time characters
Tron characters
Napoleaon and Kip- They looked Amazing!

Individual costumes that I wish I had pictures of:
Rosie the Riveter
A Roman Centurion
Luke Skywalker
A very convincing Jack Sparrow
A Rubix Cube
Gandalf the White
Dr. Who
and some sort of crazy decked out anime character with a giant white wig that almost touched the floor

I was also Charlemange when I was by myself.

Halloween decorations are in ever building and most every hall. (except Budge 3200 who had Christmas lights ALL over).

Some of our decorations:

Mom came to visit for parent's weekend and helped me make spiders from pipe cleaners.

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