Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sorry it's been forever. I have three papers to work on right now. But not today.

So in Helaman Halls we have sports. They are usually not very organized. It's all up to the students.Some examples (and I will eventually take pictures)

Ultimate Frisbee.

You guys know this game. It's football with a Frisbee. There is a perpetual game going on at Helaman Halls. Night or day, weekend or weekday. Usually, if you walk outside, you can see them. I don't play. But I've seen it get pretty intense. Girls sometimes join in. But mostly kit's guys, often barefoot in the frosted grass.


I promise that I am not lying. They run around on broomstichs with a kickball for a quaffle and volley balls for bludgers. One person (the snitch) hides and the seekers have to find, the catch them. I will take pictures. I think they have a game every Saturday.


The men's competition just ended. They were all really into it. A lot of girls came to watch. Our Bishopric came to the final game. One of the Halls in our ward won. Some of the teams had team jackets or neon colored uniforms.

Basketball and Volleyball

We have courts for each of these games, and people play at all hours... well at least until midnight when the courts close.

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