Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Every Tuesday we have a Devotional. Usually it’s a professor or a visiting politician or something. BYU shuts down for these. Every Tuesday at 11:00 The Cannon center, the Testing Center, the Bookstore, the Creamery and basically everything else closes. There are no classes at this time. Mind you- not everyone attends. Many (especially those who live off-campus study instead).

When an apostle comes- we get pretty excited. Everyone knows, and many come early to get a good seat. When the Prophet comes (a very rare event) it’s a madhouse.

Today was one such day. We found out that the Prophet was coming yesterday in the newspaper. People- even on Halloween it was a hot topic. Everyone was so excited.

Some people camped out in the rain to be first in line to save seats for their friends.

I got to the Marriot Center at 9 to same seats. The line was already through the tunnel singing tunnel, and in the next 30 minutes it stretched down the bridge towards the rest of campus. There we were, in the rain with our umbrellas, waiting to hear the prophet speak.

It was a wonderful devotional. President Monson is so funny and he carries such a strong spirit with him. I am thankful for the strong and simple testimony that he shared with us. All of us will remember this day for the rest of our lives.


  1. I am SOOOOOOO jealous! But I find it interesting that the teachers and other speakers are extensions of the prophet's voice - shouldn't they be just as important to hear?

  2. yes. They should. So should our scriptures. Still, you've been to general conference right? There is something special about the prophet and the apostles.