Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving continued

Helaman Halls was deserted. Most people go home. I am too cheap for that. Other people have family in Utah who they stay with. While I have lots of family in Utah, I also have a term paper which has eaten my life and will continue to do so until December 7th. I stayed here.

It doesn't really make sense, but it seems as though most everyone here has family in Utah. Do LDS people gravitate towards Utah so that they can be together, or are more of us descended from pioneers that I thought. None of the family that I know here have their roots in Utah. (Not that all of them are LDS). Utah is not nearly as Mormon as it used to be, still, Utah is our cultural and administrative capital in a way. It is the home of Temple Square and frog eye salad (which I promise is not made from frogs).

I view BYU as a sort of petri dish, where Mormons (and non-Mormons)from all around the world come together and interact. We get to see that the church and its members are the same no matter where you go. Different languages and cultures just enrich the whole.

So I was a little sad this Thanksgiving to see the place so deserted, because I love the people here (even though I was locked in my room on a few of those days, venturing out only for meals).

Conclusion: Thanksgiving makes me thankful for all the days that aren't Thanksgiving. ;) And also for my Family- especially John, Uncle Ken, Aunt Shannon, Deborah, Angie, and their families.

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