Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and real snow.

It snowed last week. We made a snowman and named him Cosmo.

The worst is yet to come, I know, but for now we have a lot of fun playing in the snow, the three times we've actually had snow. This is the only time it has stuck long enough to play in.

My brother John came down on Thanksgiving to visit until Saturday. We had a blast getting lost, driving up to the mountains to make snow forts, and celebrating Thanksgiving with Uncle Ken, Aunt Shannon, Deborah, Angie, and their families.

I am really glad that he came up to visit me. I'll try to post more later but it's visiting hours and I have to go visit the guys in our ward.


  1. Did you guys play Quiddler while John was in town? I bet that will take Scrabble's place as the new favorite game!!


  2. We did play Quiddler but I don't think John liked it as much as scrabble. It takes a different strategy.