Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving continued

Helaman Halls was deserted. Most people go home. I am too cheap for that. Other people have family in Utah who they stay with. While I have lots of family in Utah, I also have a term paper which has eaten my life and will continue to do so until December 7th. I stayed here.

It doesn't really make sense, but it seems as though most everyone here has family in Utah. Do LDS people gravitate towards Utah so that they can be together, or are more of us descended from pioneers that I thought. None of the family that I know here have their roots in Utah. (Not that all of them are LDS). Utah is not nearly as Mormon as it used to be, still, Utah is our cultural and administrative capital in a way. It is the home of Temple Square and frog eye salad (which I promise is not made from frogs).

I view BYU as a sort of petri dish, where Mormons (and non-Mormons)from all around the world come together and interact. We get to see that the church and its members are the same no matter where you go. Different languages and cultures just enrich the whole.

So I was a little sad this Thanksgiving to see the place so deserted, because I love the people here (even though I was locked in my room on a few of those days, venturing out only for meals).

Conclusion: Thanksgiving makes me thankful for all the days that aren't Thanksgiving. ;) And also for my Family- especially John, Uncle Ken, Aunt Shannon, Deborah, Angie, and their families.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and real snow.

It snowed last week. We made a snowman and named him Cosmo.

The worst is yet to come, I know, but for now we have a lot of fun playing in the snow, the three times we've actually had snow. This is the only time it has stuck long enough to play in.

My brother John came down on Thanksgiving to visit until Saturday. We had a blast getting lost, driving up to the mountains to make snow forts, and celebrating Thanksgiving with Uncle Ken, Aunt Shannon, Deborah, Angie, and their families.

I am really glad that he came up to visit me. I'll try to post more later but it's visiting hours and I have to go visit the guys in our ward.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sorry it's been forever. I have three papers to work on right now. But not today.

So in Helaman Halls we have sports. They are usually not very organized. It's all up to the students.Some examples (and I will eventually take pictures)

Ultimate Frisbee.

You guys know this game. It's football with a Frisbee. There is a perpetual game going on at Helaman Halls. Night or day, weekend or weekday. Usually, if you walk outside, you can see them. I don't play. But I've seen it get pretty intense. Girls sometimes join in. But mostly kit's guys, often barefoot in the frosted grass.


I promise that I am not lying. They run around on broomstichs with a kickball for a quaffle and volley balls for bludgers. One person (the snitch) hides and the seekers have to find, the catch them. I will take pictures. I think they have a game every Saturday.


The men's competition just ended. They were all really into it. A lot of girls came to watch. Our Bishopric came to the final game. One of the Halls in our ward won. Some of the teams had team jackets or neon colored uniforms.

Basketball and Volleyball

We have courts for each of these games, and people play at all hours... well at least until midnight when the courts close.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Every Tuesday we have a Devotional. Usually it’s a professor or a visiting politician or something. BYU shuts down for these. Every Tuesday at 11:00 The Cannon center, the Testing Center, the Bookstore, the Creamery and basically everything else closes. There are no classes at this time. Mind you- not everyone attends. Many (especially those who live off-campus study instead).

When an apostle comes- we get pretty excited. Everyone knows, and many come early to get a good seat. When the Prophet comes (a very rare event) it’s a madhouse.

Today was one such day. We found out that the Prophet was coming yesterday in the newspaper. People- even on Halloween it was a hot topic. Everyone was so excited.

Some people camped out in the rain to be first in line to save seats for their friends.

I got to the Marriot Center at 9 to same seats. The line was already through the tunnel singing tunnel, and in the next 30 minutes it stretched down the bridge towards the rest of campus. There we were, in the rain with our umbrellas, waiting to hear the prophet speak.

It was a wonderful devotional. President Monson is so funny and he carries such a strong spirit with him. I am thankful for the strong and simple testimony that he shared with us. All of us will remember this day for the rest of our lives.


Sorry it's been so long- Midterms attacked in full force. I thought that I would tell you about Halloween at BYU.

Halloween is a big deal here. I don't know what it's like at other Universities, but I have a feeling that we are (as in most things) over the top compared to most schools.

Group costumes are always fun here is a picture of my group this year. I was White Queen.

Other groups I saw:

a whole box of crayons
A whole mess of Harry Potter characters
Mario and his girlfirend or wife Princess Peach
Mexican guys
Adventure Time characters
Tron characters
Napoleaon and Kip- They looked Amazing!

Individual costumes that I wish I had pictures of:
Rosie the Riveter
A Roman Centurion
Luke Skywalker
A very convincing Jack Sparrow
A Rubix Cube
Gandalf the White
Dr. Who
and some sort of crazy decked out anime character with a giant white wig that almost touched the floor

I was also Charlemange when I was by myself.

Halloween decorations are in ever building and most every hall. (except Budge 3200 who had Christmas lights ALL over).

Some of our decorations:

Mom came to visit for parent's weekend and helped me make spiders from pipe cleaners.