Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wish that I had pictures.

I ran into some kittens yesterday living under a bush next to the Jesse Knight Building.
They were quite young, old enough to be away from Mom without issue, but only by a few weeks.

I couldn't get close to them, but I had hoped to come back later and get them adopted. However, (perhaps luckily) another girl who had also been looking at them got there first. She has a relative in the area who has agreed to take them.

Conclusion of this story: Caroline called a whole bunch of people for the purpose of looking into this problem. I'm looking into the possibility of instituting a catch-and release program here at the "Y" (getting the cats fixed so that they don't "multiply and replenish" our campus). My current dilemma: where would I release them?

Anyone have any ideas or helpful hints for me? (or a humane trap- I know dad has one)


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