Friday, October 14, 2011

Homework or Cats? Cats.

We have feral cats on campus. I have seen them before. Usually you don't get a very good look at them. Poor BYU students- we all live in BYU-Contracted housing where there are no pets allowed. Freshmen especially tend to miss their animals back home.Grace and I always talk about how much we miss our cats.

So today I met up with one of these feral cats and it made my day about 10,000,000 times better. Not that I was having a bad day. Cats just make things that much better all the time.

When I came to meet with him (dubbed a "him" because a bunch of boys found him- but we went back and forth for a while)there was one boy watching, but not coming very close. I came in and started petting him. He purred very quietly and rubbed his face into my hand. Friends of the first guy brought some bologna from the creamery and we fed it to the cat.

They named the cat Akon because he was from "the ghetto". I have decided to name him Zeezrom- because, as the LDS people will know, Zeezrom was a bad guy in the Book of Mormon, made clean through repentance and went on to be a great missionary. Perhaps, like Zeezrom, this cat will be "made clean" and find a new life.

So, despite the paper that I need to finish by Monday- I came back to play with Zeezrom and take some pictures.

He's a Manx, as you can see in this picture. The boys maintain that his tail was bitten off by a Coyote.

We played with the string on my keys and the light reflected off of my camera.

This guy scared him off with his roll-ey backpack.

He looks just like Charlemange:

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