Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to Zion!

I'll start with a nod to Miranda, who inspired me to do this. Admittedly, Provo Utah is not as cool as Rennes, France. It is, however a different world. Here I am in the heartland of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and at BYU no less. We're not in Kansas anymore.

I'll catch you up on what's going on.

For those who are not LDS, I'll explain. Not everyone in Provo, or even at BYU is a Mormon; however, there are more of us than you can shake a stick at. ;) There are meetinghouses everywhere. There is a Temple in almost every town, in fact, just last Sunday, it was announced that the old (burnt down) Provo Tabernacle will be fixed up and dedicated as the SECOND PROVO TEMPLE!!!!! It's a far cry from Arizona, which I still consider to be thoroughly saturated with Mormons.

Apart from the overwhelming influence of Mormon culture, there are other diiferences between Provo, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona. The weather here is fantastic, and we get cool things like fall colors, Creamery ice cream and BYU's poetry reading series- where cool poets come and read their work to us.

This last month has been overwhelming, but manageable. Everyone here is really considerate and I've made new friends in my classes, my residence hall, at church, and in my Family Home Evening group.Schoolwork has been challenging but not impossible, I have more reading but also more time. I signed up to tutor in an Adult literacy program called project READ. I do not have a student yet.

I started seeing Fall Colors last week!

The mountains become more orange every day. On Monday my Family Home Evening group played capture the flag in the rain (our group lost). Today it rained again and there is snow on some of the mountains.

Halloween is right around the corner. I put up decorations yesterday. I've heard that it's a big deal here.

I'll add more pictures that I just took in a while.

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